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11094003 - EMD Speed Sensor


Applicable for all standard LSHT-motors: OMM, OMP, OMR, OMS, OMT, OMV, TMK, TMT and TMV

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 217.60


The speed sensor is to detect the shaft speed and the direction of rotation. The sensor is mounted to the endcover of a Danfoss motor and senses the speed from a magnet that is rotating inside the motor. Because of the digital output signals for speed and direction and a non speed dependent output voltage level, the sensor is ideal for high and low speed measurements.

The speed sensor is designed for rugged outdoor, mobile or heavy industrial speed sensing applications. The detection of the speed is contactless. It is a "plug and perform" device that does not need any calibration or adjustments.

Unit weight 0.2 kg

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