Established in 2013, PV Global is the sales partner & appointed Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Danfoss Power Solution’s (DPS) range of Open Circuit Hydraulics products.

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SGD$ 131.86

DEUTSCH Connector bag Assembly, 50-Socket Plug (50-pin)

SGD$ 450.00

JS1000-NY-A-SNNN-BK01 Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 21.42

AMP Connector bag Assembly 16-pin

SGD$ 67.70

DEUTSCH Connector bag Assembly DTM, 12-Socket Plug (24-pin)

SGD$ 88.00

DEU Connector bag Assembly 6-pin

SGD$ 290.00

JS120 joysticks are single axis, finger tip control devices. A single track potentiometer sensor measures handle position. The nominal output signal range is 10% to 90% of the joystick supply voltage. JS120 joystick are available in two mechanical style: Spring return to center and spring return to end. Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 75.00

DEUTSCH Connector bag Assembly DTM, 12, 6 -Socket Plug (6 & 12 pin)

SGD$ 651.19

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 719.74

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 1,077.33

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 651.19

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 436.95

Danfoss electronic flow regulation EHF is for use where the requirement is individual reduction of the flow from the two ports of the proportional valve. The flow can be reduced individually for ports A/B There are two built-in potentiometers per function. Independently of each other, these will limit the signal voltage and thereby the flow from ports...

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