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About Us

Established in 2013, PV Global is proud to be appointed as Advanced Partner & Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Danfoss Power Solution’s (DPS) range of Open Circuit Hydraulics products. These include Proportional Valve Group (PVG16/32/100/120/128/256), Orbital Motors (LSHT motor), Steering valves & Series 45 Open Circuit Piston Pumps. Our main business activities include providing customised Proportional Valve Group (PVG) for specific applications and service/repair of PVG & LSHT taken from the field. Equipped with a hydraulics test-bench & huge investment in inventory, we are able to provide short turnaround time for service/repair job as well as new assemblies.

Collectively, we have more than 30 years of experience with this range of products, which put us in a very strong position to serve the needs of the dynamic industry. With the close technical support of DPS & the experience of the staffs/shareholders, we are able to undertake customised projects. To further enhance our presence & continuously improving our services, we have established an e-shop with more than 800 parts available on-line.

To further increase our service level, we have invested in Comatrol Products, which is a Stand-alone member of Danfoss Group. These range of products consist of compact cartridge valves which are economical components that are commonly used for directional, pressure or flow control in any hydraulic systems. Ranging from 0.4L/min (0.1 US gal/min) up to 400L/min (100 US gal/min) & up to 350 bar (5000 psi). For complete product information, please refer to

Beginning 2018, we are appointed as Distributor of Reggiana Riduttori complete range of Planetary Gear Products. for complete product information, please refer to

Business Philosophy

Always strive to exceed customers’ expectation. A customer-centric, easy-to-do-business-with approach with the relevant engineering experience & product knowledge to meet the dynamic demand. We know the importance of offering our services at a competitive rate which is why we keep the company lean. From years of learning & experience in related field, we maintain a pragmatic approach with best practice.


We are pleased to receive the Gold award for being the Highest Sales Turnover 2015

Here is the Silver award for 2017

Why Choose Us?

Genuine Parts

PV Global undertakes to assure customers that all components, be it service kit or mechanical parts sold are original from the manufacturer. We do not provide re-con/used/copied parts & install only genuine parts in all service/repair jobs. Country of Origin or Certificate of Conformance are available for all complete/new units upon request.

  • Proportional Valve Group (PVG)
    • Equipped with a hydraulic text bench, huge parts inventory & more than 30 years of products experience, we are well positioned to repair valves taken from the field with a quick turnaround time at a competitive rate. We worked with an external source to inspect/repair, install & commission PVG taken from the field (on-board vessel, equipment, machineries & shipyards) within Singapore. All PVG taken from the field are chronically dismantle, clean & assembled before we put it on the test bench for testing to identify problem, which mostly are leaking or pressure unable to built-up. A final test report will be provided after the repair job is completed.
  • Orbital Motors (LSHT motors)
    • With almost all available seal kit in stock, we are able to service a leaking motor within a short time. However, not all motors are worth repairing depending on the extent of damage which could make the motor beyond economical repair. All motors shall be tested for leakage before returning to customers.

This is a back-to-back policy with Danfoss Power Solutions: In the event that any defect in manufacture or materials in the goods become apparent within twelve months from delivery date of the goods Danfoss Power Solutions shall replace the faulty part or parts at its own expense provided that the goods are returned to its premises within the said period of twelve months. This warranty does not apply in respect of any defects in faulty manufacture and/or defective materials in the goods which become apparent after the Buyer has sold or otherwise parted with possession of the goods. This warranty does not apply to any control or other mechanical or electrical device sold by any person other than Danfoss Power Solutions with which the goods have been incorporated.

Service Kit
  • We have in stock Service Kit for:
    • All Frame size of Series 45
    • Basic unit of full displacement for Series 90, pumps & motors
    • Complete range of LSHT
    • Comprehensive range for PVG16/32/100/120
    • Others

Write to us if you are unsure of the kit needed or if you are looking for a kit which is not listed here. We will try our best to assist.