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Orbital Motor OMV630 - 151B3108


OMV 630 Low Speed High Torque motor, Geometric Displacement 629.1 cm3

SGD$ 2,067.06


OMS, OMT, and OMV are suitable for continuous operation under rough operating conditions: e.g. high pressure, thin oil, or frequent reversals. The tapered roller bear­ings on the output shaft make the motors suitable for absorbing static and dynamic radial loads. Besides the separately driven and hydraulically balanced disc valve, hydraulic and mechanical losses are reduced to a minimum. This gives the motors high efficiency - even at high pressures, and good starting characteristics.

If the application requires very smooth running at low speeds the choice of OMS, OMT, OMV or TMT is recommended
Splined 16T output shaft 2.125" with G1 BSP port
Splined Shaft ANS B92.1 - 1970 standard

Accessories (not included):
1. Seal Kit 151B0129

Unit weight 34.9kg
Packing size 44 x 24 x 22cm
Maximum Continuous Output Speed 315 rpm
Maximum Intermittent Output Speed 380 rpm
Maximum Continuous Output Torque 1660Nm
Maximum Intermittent Output Torque 1940Nm

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