Established in 2013, PV Global is the sales partner & appointed Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Danfoss Power Solution’s (DPS) range of Open Circuit Hydraulics products.

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155U2905 - Electronic Ram Generator EHR


  • Electronic ram generator, EHR controls the acceleration and deceleration times for flow from proportional valve ports A and B
  • EHR contains four potentiometers for the setting of ramp times. The setting of positive ramps, are made with A+ and B+ potentiometers for A and B ports respectively, while negative ramps, are set with A− and B− potentiometers.
  • Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 435.93


Accessories (included):
1. Installation Guide 520L0506

Unit weight 0.2 kg
Packing size 14 x 10 x 5 cm

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