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Open Circuit Piston Pump 7004048 - Series 45 K Frame 38cc


  • Series 45 Open Circuit Piston Pump
  • KR-R-038C-LS-20-20-NN-N-3-C2NG-A6N-KNB-NNN-NNN
  • Frame K, 38cc displacement
  • Rotation: CW
  • Working input speed (Continuous): 2650 rpm
  • Working Pressure (Continuous): 260 bar
  • Working Pressure (Maximum): 350 bar
  • Manufacturer: Danfoss
  • Accessories (not included): 11106339 

SGD$ 1,304.80

This product is no longer in stock

Series 45 Frame L and K pumps have a single servo piston design with a cradle-type swashplate set in polymer-coated journal bearings. A bias spring and internal forces increase swashplate angle. The servo piston decreases swashplate angle. Nine reciprocating pistons displace fluid from the pump inlet to the pump outlet as the cylinder block rotates on the pump input shaft. The block spring holds the piston slippers to the swashplate via the slipper retainer. The cylinder block rides on a bi-metal valve plate optimized for high volumetric efficiency and low noise. Tapered roller bearings support the input shaft and a viton lip-seal protects against shaft leaks.

Typical applications include fan drives, HPU (Hydraulics Power Unit) etc

Unit weight 22 kg

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