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003Z4002 - MSV-BD DN20 Manual balancing valve


MSV-BD DN20 is a manual balancing valve that provides a static, basic balancing solution for many applications. The valve limit the flow through different parts in heating, cooling & domestic hot water systems

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 70.47


Danfoss LENO range offers the latest technology in manual balancing. To save costs for often used shut-off valves, the MSV-BD combines both a balancing & shut-off function. For that purpose, the principle design is based on a ball valve, making sure the shut-off offers 100% watertight closure of the system. Using the shut-off ball valve which has a red/white coloured closed/open indication, will not influence the setting.

Furthermore, the hand wheel can be temporarily be removed for easier installation in narrow spaces. The numeric presetting indications can be viewed from different angles making commissioning easier as well. it offers built-in measuring nipples for 3mm needles & can even be rotated over 360 degree to any preferred position.

Accessories included:
1. Operating Manual

Unit weight 0.40kg
Packing size 13x14x8 cm

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