Established in 2013, PV Global is the sales partner & appointed Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Danfoss Power Solution’s (DPS) range of Open Circuit Hydraulics products.

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SGD$ 116.05

Fixed ratio, pressure compensated Flow Divider/combiner (Cartridge in Body) CP340-1-B-4B-66 Flow ratio 1:1 Port size: 1/2 BSP Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 441.96

OMT/OMTS mounted Dual Counterbalance HIC with shuttle MM-OMT-LS-DCP441-1-B-12S-E-A-250-10.0-015 Port Size: SAE #12 Manufacturer: Comatrol

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SGD$ 438.35

OMT/OMTS mounted Dual cross-port relief HIC MM-OMT-00-DCP211-2-B-12S-E-C-254 Port Size: SAE #12 Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 369.83

OMP/OMR mounted Dual Counterbalance HIC with Shuttle valve MM-OMP/OMR-LS-DCB10 HV-1-A-1-E-60-B-4B Port Size: 1/2 BSP Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 311.20

Gear Pump Displacement 8cc/rev, CW rotation, cylindrical shaft S-N-P-2-N-N-/-014-R-N-06-GA-P1-E6-E5-NN-N-N-/-NNN-N-N   Manufacturer: Turolla

SGD$ 298.36

Gear Pump Displacement 6cc/rev, CW rotation, cylindrical shaft S-N-P-2-N-N-/-6,0-R-N-06-GA-P1-E6-E5-NN-N-N-/-NNN-N-N   Manufacturer: Turolla

SGD$ 293.33

Gear Pump Displacement 8cc/rev, CW rotation, cylindrical shaft S-N-P-2-N-N-/-8,0-R-N-06-GA-P1-E6-E5-NN-N-N-/-NNN-N-N   Manufacturer: Turolla

SGD$ 316.08

Gear Pump Displacement 19cc/rev, CW rotation, cylindrical shaft S-N-P-2-N-N-/-019-R-N-06-GA-P1-E6-E5-NN-N-N-/-NNN-N-N   Manufacturer: Turolla

SGD$ 174.88

Dual Counterbalance Valve (Cartridge in Body)  CP448-2-3B-B0EB-230-3.0-040 Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 1,059.10

Dual Counterbalance Cartridge Valve (Cartridge in Body)  DCB20-HV-2-B-1-E-XXX-B-S20S  Pilot Ratio 4.5:1 Port Size: #20 SAE Seal: BUNA-B Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 54.40

CP450-1-B-0-015-S Cartridge Only Available Housing SDC10-3-SE4B (1/2 BSP) Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 118.71

CP410-1-B-6S-S Dual PO Check Valve Manufacturer: Comatrol

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