Established in 2013, PV Global is the sales partner & appointed Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Danfoss Power Solution’s (DPS) range of Open Circuit Hydraulics products.

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SGD$ 116.05

Fixed ratio, pressure compensated Flow Divider/combiner (Cartridge in Body) CP340-1-B-4B-66 Flow ratio 1:1 Port size: 1/2 BSP Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 174.88

Dual Counter Balance Valve (Cartridge in Body)  CP448-2-3B-B0EB-230-3.0-040 Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 81.06

Counter Balance Cartridge Valve CP448-1-B-0-E-A-100-3.0-040 Available Housing 221847 Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 197.00

Directional Control Valve, 4/3 way, P/T/A/B all Blocked, Input Voltage 24Vdc DCV03-3Z11-02400-E1-00-B Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 163.53

Directional Control Valve, 4/2 way, Input Voltage 24Vdc DCV03-2R11-02400-E1-00-B Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 509.91

Proportional Directional Control Valve, 4/3 way, Closed Centre, A/B Block, Input Voltage 24Vdc PDCV03-3Z11/30-24E1 Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 214.93

Directional Control Valve, 4/3 way, P to T, A/B Blocked, Input Voltage 24Vdc DCV03-3C11-02400-E1-00-B Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 38.06

M16-110RA-22W-DN   Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 85.00

Manufacturer: Danfoss

SGD$ 35.22

Standard Aluminium Housing, 3/8 BSP CP08-3L-3B Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 84.92

Sequence Valve, Direct Acting spool type (Cartridge Only)  VDP 06/4201-EN-3-00-XXX Manufacturer: Comatrol

SGD$ 61.82

Relief Valve, Direct Acting poppet type (Cartridge Only) VEN 06-EN-2-00-XXX Manufacturer: Comatrol

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